Sunday, May 22, 2011

Invisalign - A Great Alternative

Tomorrow, my daughter Shelbie gets her braces off. She had them on for almost three years. The traditional metal braces, just like I had years ago. They have straightened her teeth nicely, but man, are we ready to have them off!

One of my biggest complaints about metal braces is the difficulty in keeping your teeth cleaned. It is darned near impossible to access every part of your tooth with these metal contraptions blocking you at every turn! Shelbie has had problems with her gums growing close to the brackets, and tartar and plaque building up, just because of this difficulty.

So, that's one reason that the Invisalign Teen clear braces interest me. Invisalign is known as 'the clear alternative to braces'. They use a series of clear plastic aligners to correct dental problems. They are smooth, comfortable, and virtually invisible. And you can remove them to care for your teeth, so you have no barriers to prevent you from keeping good dental hygiene.

Invisalign has a product geared specifically for teens. My younger daughter, Elayna, needs braces as well, and I think Invisalign Teen will work very well for her. Invisalign works the same way metal braces do, which is moving the teeth by applying pressure over time. With the new G3 line, they can treat even complex cases that previously required metal braces, such as bite problems.

Another important point for me, as a soccer mom, is that Invisalign clear braces are safer for active lifestyles than metal braces. While Shelbie has had her metal braces, she has been hurt many times by even a small bump to her mouth, because of the metal. Invisalign also eliminates the problems of broken brackets, poking wires, and the discomfort associated with those things.

It's about time that we have options besides those old-school metal braces that we suffered with when we were teens! So if you have a child who needs braces, check out all of the options. Invisalign may be a great fit for your kids - or for you!

This is a sponsored post, compensated by Invisalign.

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